Sun Care for Your Hair

Did you know today is National Sunscreen Day! Now that the winter snow is finally gone, it's time for us minnesotans to bust out the SPF. But did you know that your hair can get damaged in the sun just like your skin can? Today we're sharing a few of our favorite products that protect your tresses from those harmful UV rays while you're soaking up a winter's worth of vitamin D.


Keratherapy Rapid Rescue Spray

This lightweight spray adds shine, seals ends, moisturizes, and repairs all at the same time. Carlee loves using this on any thickness of hair for easier blow drying and heat protection. Mist a light veil over everything when you're all done for a healthy, shiny finish that's begging for a day on the lake. 

EVO End Doctor Smoothing Sealant

End doctor is your new BFF if you have frizzy, fussy ends that tend to have a mind of their own. Jenna L loves to use this on super long hair to keep ends from splitting, and this is the perfect product to layer into your lengths before a day at the pool.


Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream

This smoothing cream is a fan fave around here at The Hair Tailor. We all love this on anyone's hair: thick, thin, coarse, fine, straight, wavy, or curly. It adds heat protection, moisture, nourishes and repairs, AND have the UV protective element. 

EVO Helmut Hairspray

Definitely the most strong-willed member of the EVO squad, Helmut is your friend if you need a lot structure in your life. Felicia will add a few spritzes of this guy to make sure your hair stays put thru wind and wake, just make sure you bring your sunglasses!

EVO Happy Campers Leave-in Moisturizer

Perfect for your year-round hair needs, Jenna F. likes to add this leave-in lotion to damp mid-lengths and ends of long hair to add mega moisture. It's the perfect way to to say, "I'm sorry, please forgive me" to your crispy ends. You must've forgotten to toss your happy campers in your trail pack... 

What's your fave way to protect your skin AND your hair during the Minnesota summer?